Bradford Supertel HVAC Duct Insulation

Bradford SupertelTM is designed as internal insulation for HVAC ductwork . It also has many applications as a general insulation product to enhance both thermal and acoustic performance.

Supertel is a 32KG per Cubic Meter glasswool blanket.   Facing options included perforated or non perforated aluminium foil.   We stock the following roll sizes:

25mm x 1380mm x 15M

50mm x 1380mm x 10M

75mm x 1380mm x 7.5M

100mm x 1380mm x  5M

Bradford SupertelTM is manufactured from a resilient engineered glasswool insulation blanket typically with an appropriate facing. The blanket is manufactured by spinning  molten glass, containing up to 65% recycled content, into fine wool like fibres. These are bonded together using a thermosetting resin. The product can be identified by its golden appearance.


SupertelTM has been designed as a thermal and acoustic internal lining for all air conditioning duct work or may be used for other thermal and acoustic applications where high insulation performance is required at minimal thickness. SupertelTM comes in a range of thicknesses that meet the performance requirements as set out by the Building Code of Australia.
Typical HVAC applications include;

  • Offices
  • High rise
  • Hospitals
  • Shopping centres etc

Features and Benefits

  • Lightweight
  • Easily handled
  • High tensile strength
  • Resists damage
  • Maximum performance at minimal thickness
  • Helps meet the BCA Energy Efficiency provisions
  • Provides both energy and cost savings
  • Biosoluble material  - safe to use
  • Approved for use on site by Unions
  • Made from up to 65% recycled material